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Web Design

Mission Rwentobo

Mission Rwentobo
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Web Design
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In 2022, the trustees Mission Rwentobo reached out to me about building a website for them. Mission Rwentobo is a UK based charity that helped build and continues to support a clinic in a rural village in Uganda.

The story of Mission Rwentobo

Mission Rwentobo started in 2014 as a 2 week trip to Uganda partnering with a charity called World Shine. Our base was a school that they had built and had been running for a few years in a village called Rwentobo in the south west of the country. I had the privilege of going on this trip with around 35 others. Over the course of the next 5 years I was involved in 7 of these trips.

It became clear after the first visit that there was a desperate need for more medical infrastructure for not only the school but the surrounding town. This sparked the idea to build a clinic and in 2019 and after a big fundraising effort, Hope Clinic was built with one side of the clinic facing the school and one facing the village.

'Mission Rwentobo' transitioned from being the trips that happened, to the recently formed charity to support the work of the clinic.

The Website

In March 2022 I was asked whether I could build a website to be a place for information, promote fundraising events and be a place where people could easily donate. I didn't need long to agree, and initial wireframes were in the trustees inbox within a couple of days.

The site incorporates a donation box that is directly linked to their CAF account (Charities Aid Foundation) making it extremely easy for people to quickly donate, a CMS system that they can easily update the blog, events and photos with.

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