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SEO Services

Having a great looking, well functioning website is vital for businesses. But it’s only powerful if the people in 
looking for your services, information or product in actually find you...
Read more to find out how I could help boost your business in
through getting more interested customers finding and visiting your website.
Or 'SEO' for short.

What is SEO?

In basic terms, SEO is optimising your online content so that Google places you higher up on their search results.
The core of it is - Google just wants to provide a good experience for their users. The more people who have a good experience (find the things they are looking for), the more people will like to use Google.
So… Let's say you want to find a local plumber - you get your phone out and search 'Plumber in
', - Google collects all the websites that have content related to those keywords and then orders the list of results by how much:
  • They trust the website/business
  • Correlation the content has to the search terms
Why is SEO important? It's all about people and their behaviour. When someone wants information, a service or a product, the first thing they will do is get their phone out and search for a keyword or question. Then they will more than likely click on one of the top 3 results. SEO helps you get there.

What do I do?

I work hard with local businesses in
to build their trust with Google. I get the right content in the right places across their online presence so that when potential customers search for words relating to what the business does, they will see that business in the top set of results. I use a number of tools and techniques to achieve this and I work on a continuous basis at a monthly fee.
I implement the following services over the first few months of working with a client, and then monitor results as I execute further tasks to build momentum as they rise in the rankings.
Google + Bing Maps
Listing Creation + Optimisation
Google Business Posting
Weekly relevant posts
Google Business Q&A
Tracking + Replying
Google Search Console
Setup + Optimisation
Social Media Accounts
Setup + Optimisation
Technical Code
In-depth Keyword Research
Specific search trends for niche
On Page Audit
Website Audit + Optimisation
Competitor Analysis
Where you might be losing out
Citation Overview
Cleanup, Creation + Streamline
700+ Directories
Your info on hundreds of local and national directories
Facebook Chatbot
Automated on your website
Chatbot FAQ Monitoring
For FAQ updates
Regular Reporting
Crystal clear communication

SEO Services


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