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Web Design
Social Media


Project Type
Web Design
Social Media
Project Year
2020 - Present

Wonderspace is an exciting project that I've been involved in since the summer of 2020. It's a weekly, 6 question interview broadcast on podcast and video platforms with the aim of creating a space for wonder and hopefulness by interviewing people in business, media, technology and the non-profit space who are doing amazing things for the world and people.

Steve, the founder of Wonderspace, came to me needing design and development help for his idea of 'sending people to the space station' and broadcasting an interview with them in the midst of lockdown, because 'people needed a boost of hope and to step back from the complicated, often introspective world we live in and see the earth from a different perspective' through hearing answers to this different, more creative set of questions:

Place: A special place in the world you would like to fly over

Life: A brief overview of the story of your life

Reset: Your place of reset

Wonder: The Wonder of the natural world that excites you the most

Hopefulness: A story of a person or non profit doing amazing things for the world

Insight: Your advice, wisdom, or question you want to share with the listeners

My role as executive producer means I now take an edited version of the interview and produce it into a podcast and video and then launch it on all our platforms. I also designed and built the website and run the Wonderspace social media. I redesigned the website in the summer of 2021 because we wanted to document each episode with its own page which required a solid backend structure where each upcoming episode could be added to and current ones edited from a front end editor.

At the time of writing this (December 2021), we have launched 55 video episodes on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and 55 podcast episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play and everywhere else you get podcasts.

Wonderspace is a project by Panahpur

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In June 2020 I approached Dan at Oodle Design with a creative idea called Wonderspace in response to the lockdown we were all living through. Just over two months later, on September 1st we not only went live with the first recorded episode but also with a new website and visual identity. Eighteen months later Dan has created a stunning second version of the Wonderspace website and has also worked with me to produce over 60 podcast and video episodes featuring interviews from around the world. Wonderspace would not be where it is today if Dan had not got hold of it and creatively worked his magic and I am so grateful to him. Most importantly for me, Dan is someone I can trust and is such a joy to work with every week. I do not hesitate to give five stars and would recommend Dan and Oodle to anyone.